People Management, Inc. (PMI), one of the leading employee leasing companies in the NJ, NY metro, and PA areas, offers comprehensive employee leasing services so business owners and managers can concentrate on being more productive, competitive, and profitable. PMI’s superior employee leasing solutions helps companies save time, thereby increasing their bottom line.

It should be noted that although many prospective customers use the term “employee leasing” when searching for our services, the term itself is antiquated. As a PEO/professional employer organization, PMI’s service to our customers goes far beyond simply leasing employees back to a business for payroll and tax purposes. We are a full-service human resources consulting company that services our clients on multiple levels of employee management and administration. Benefits included in our full package of services include:

  • Administrative Tasks
    PMI assumes responsibility for keeping up with government and industry-driven regulations, employment administration, and liability management.
  • Payroll Processing
    PMI manages all aspects of payroll processing from generating paychecks on through completing the paperwork for payroll tax returns and tax deposits.
  • Compliance
    PMI manages risks and obligations as they relate to government regulations and employer/employee litigation issues. We also help create labor-law compliant employee handbooks.
  • Employee Benefits Strategies
    PMI designs and procures new and additional programs, ongoing benefits, and administration functions like enrollment and employee communication.
  • Human Resource Consulting
    PMI takes care of the business end of employer-employee relations including employment law, health and safety laws, compensation, fair employment practices, labor relations, and personnel procedures.

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According to the Small Business Administration, one of the top three reasons that businesses fail is because of a lack of a solid employee infrastructure. SBA statistics show the average annual cost of regulation, paperwork, and tax compliance for companies with fewer than 500 employees is $5,000 per year, per employee.

An average small business owner generally spends up to 25% of his or her time handling paperwork related to administering employees. That’s time that PMI’s employee leasing services can give back to a company to spend on its core business.

The reason PMI puts most of that time back into the owner’s hands for productive work is simple. Through our custom tailored, full-package employee leasing solutions, we take on the responsibility of dealing with the mountains of paperwork generated by laws, restrictions and regulations that are forcing small companies to focus on things other than growing their business and making a profit.

A mini case-study example

PMI’s employee leasing solutions were implemented for two clients, a precious metals company and a specialty chemical manufacturer, who were drowning in paperwork and administrative duties and barely maintaining their work force. Through a comprehensive employee leasing plan, PMI took on the responsibility of administering their employees so that they could get back to their core business. PMI provided a full package consisting of better employee benefits than they currently had, payroll services, and HR consulting. Today, the companies are profitable and thriving!

PMI clients, like the two companies in the example above, have come to expect first class service from us in affordable employee benefits, payroll administration, Federal and State regulation compliance, Human Resource administration and employee leasing services. Our services are offered as a full-package program, each facet designed to work in conjunction with the others. It is through our comprehensive, “total package” approach that we’re able to save small to midsize businesses thousands of dollars and countless hours each year.

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Indeed, Professional Employer Organizations, such as People Management, Inc., are an idea whose time has come. Our industry has been growing at a pace that exceeds 25% per year, and that now employs nearly 5 million workers. Clearly, these figures demonstrate the need for employee leasing companies such as People Management, Inc., to handle the administrative duties of any business that utilizes employees. And the need for diversified services continues to grow.

PMI’s network includes attorneys, accountants, insurance executives and employee leasing professionals so our clients can rest assured that we are staffed with experienced, knowledgeable people that know what it takes to get the job done.

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Why do companies need People Management, Inc.?

To stay competitive in business, companies need to focus on profit-making activities, reduce administrative costs and attract highly productive employees. People Management, Inc., a leading employee leasing company, provides the edge a company needs to stay focused and ahead of the competition. Our employee leasing solutions are specifically designed to help companies save time and increase their bottom line. For more information, visit us at

What PMI’s Employee Leasing Services Offers

Time Saver — Handling employee administration work in any company is very time consuming, and with the proliferation of employment laws and regulations, each year gets tougher than the last. "Delegating" these administrative duties to PMI allows business owners more time on the job to concentrate on core business, and to get home earlier at night to plan the next day’s activities.

Money Saver — PMI’s full package employee leasing services offer a wide selection of benefit programs, payroll administration, worker compensation administration and unemployment tax strategies. It all adds up to bottom line savings. If the axiom “Time is Money” is true (and it is!), then the money lost on time spent on employee administrative duties will be recouped by being redirected toward the business.

Control — PMI’s employee leasing solutions include staying up to date on state on federal regulations and providing fast and efficient management of benefits and claims. Our clients find they can exercise greater control over day-to-day business activities when using our employee leasing services.

Profit — PMI’s employee leasing services open the door to new, profitable opportunities in business for our clients, including:

  • More Efficient Overall Operation
  • BIG Company Purchasing Power
  • Increased Productivity
  • Precise Budgeting
  • Reduced Overhead Costs
  • Greater Employee Leasing Expertise
  • Stable Cash Flow

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Consider the time spent shopping for a company health plan. Not only is it a time-consuming task, it is confusing as well. People Management, Inc., however, through our employee leasing solutions economies-of-scale business model, is able to pool our clients’ employees into one group, thus spreading claims and reaping the benefits of a much larger group. This results in reduced company costs for our clients. Other benefits include administration of workers' compensation benefits, recruiting, and other human resource functions.

What should a prospective client look for in an employee leasing service?

First and foremost, businesses looking for an employee leasing company must ensure that the company they select is experienced and can do it all. PMI’s employee leasing network includes attorneys, accountants, insurance executives and employee leasing professionals, so our clients can rest assured that we are the most experienced and knowledgeable employee leasing company in the tri-state area. Simply, we know what it takes to get the job done!

Also, business owners and managers should only consider PEO companies that offer comprehensive, full-package services such as PMI provides. It is only through handling all the various facets of employer-employee administration that the greatest savings are realized.

By choosing People Management, Inc., our clients can rest assured that time usually spent administering and training employees will now be spent in more constructive ways that positively impact their bottom line. Advantages and benefits of using PMI’s employee leasing service include focusing on profit-making rather than profit-taking, reducing administrative costs, attracting productive employees, selection of benefit programs, comprehensive payroll administration, worker compensation administration and unemployment tax strategies. Plus, because PMI’s employee leasing solutions include staying up to date on state and federal regulations, and providing fast and efficient management of benefits, our clients can concentrate on business and exercise greater control over day-to-day activities.

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(People Management, Inc., is one of the leading employee leasing companies in the NJ, NY metro, and PA areas, providing superior employee leasing services to small and midsize companies. Visit our main site at: